New York • Boston • Nashville. L I V E. L O V E. L E A D. 90 Days of Living Loving Leading. DAILY READINGS FROM. BRIAN HOUSTON. Your life has a unique roadmap, a purpose all its own, distinct and matchless to any other individual on planet earth. This path is ready for you to conquer. Live Love Lead. Brian Houston Also available in audiobook: Download our app for free listening. Step into the great unknown; Blessed to succeed; Discovering.

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Live Love Lead. 8 Part Small Group Study based on the book of the same title by Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong. Venue: Aitkenvale Uniting Church. Led by. Join Brian Houston of Hillsong Church on this day journey through LIFE, LOVE and LEADERSHIP principles that will shape your glorious future. Workbook in PDF; 9 videos for download and streaming. This personal and small group study is to be used in conjunction with Live, Love, Lead Book, which is.

Brian Houston seems like such a genuine, humble person, I really appreciate how he leads. Aug 08, Grace rated it it was amazing.

I recommend this to everyone who is in a position of leadership or aspires to become a leader in the future. This is full of amazing gold nuggets and I had to stop reading several times because I was so overwhelmed by some of the deep revelations in this book. I was absolutely floored by the sincerety and honesty of Ps. Brian Houston about the struggles he had to go through and I seriously believe, we should honour our leaders more as they carry burdens that we often have no clue about.

On another I recommend this to everyone who is in a position of leadership or aspires to become a leader in the future. On another note: Jun 01, ParisRios rated it really liked it. The author, Brian Houston, talks about how he lived before the Hillsong church was made. Brian also tells the story of why he felt a calling to build a church. I would recommend this book to people that think life stories are cool and that really desire to have a good relationship with god.

I thought this book was really interesting because I've learned a lot about how and why Hillsong church was created. Jun 23, Robin rated it it was amazing. This book gives great insight into the history of Hillsong Church and the people who helped shape the modern day Hillsong Church as we know it.

Brian Houston dives deep into his past experiences and opens the door into his personal life and relationship with Bobby and his parents. Jaw-dropping and beautifully written. Oct 05, Julie Mills rated it it was amazing. I love Brian Houston's heart and the honesty with which he shares his story.

People often look at highly successful leaders and think that their life is been a bed of roses. However, dynamic leaders such as Brian have known pain and sorrow, and have allowed God to work all things together for his glory.

I loved this book and would recommend it to leaders and anyone aspiring to experience more! Your best is yet to come. Looking forward to changing my life as well as others. Looking forward to the journey. Stories great. Writing terrible. Love the guy, but this is a very shallow book. Aug 03, Pedro Aguirre rated it it was amazing. Awesome leadership book on how to focus and experience Jesus on all areas of life.

First time reading anything by Brian Houston. Outstanding book, backed up by the word of God, honest and real.

Literally couldn't put it down. Dec 30, Jason Franks rated it it was amazing. Great book! I love the humbleness and how real and honest he is about everything. Sep 26, Melody Laila rated it really liked it Shelves: Don't expect any heavy theology.

Jan 05, Kirsten rated it it was amazing Shelves: Brian Houston is a powerhouse. His message is so strong.

Encouraging the reader to take the narrow gate , that is Jesus and by dong so embrace a wide-expansive life and future. We are all called to engage with Christ and God no matter where we are in our lives.

Houston talks of embracing 'all things' within our lives because God asks us to. Houston is the global pastor of Hillsong church and much of what he relates to us to is based around his experiences being a part of this church. I love how h Brian Houston is a powerhouse. I love how he focuses on worship through music and every chapter has a quotes from one of Hillsong's songs.

His message again and again is that Christ has so much in store for you in your future you just need to embrace it.

Houston, tells us everyone has unique gifts.

{DOWNLOAD} Brian Houston - Live Love Lead [PDF]

Whether small or great those gifts are what can give meaning to your life. He doesn't focus overly on himself which is refreshing. Just enough to personalise the message.

He ends the book with the following message - 'Live, love, and lead like Jesus and your life on earth and in Heaven will reflect the ongoing glory of God - in all things. There is no doubt - your best is yet to come'. A powerful shout out to everyone hoping to call more people to be believers in Christ and our Father. Aug 12, Alexander rated it really liked it. Apr 05, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: God has called and chosen each one of us with a specific calling and destiny.

He has given each of us unique gifts and talents. We can chose to embrace them and fully live, or, sit back and watch life pass us by. With examples from his own life and ministry, Houston shows what a life of faith and calling looks like. Using examples of success and failure, through good times and lean times, Houston walks out the life of unique calling that God has placed on his life.

Live, Love, Lead

His message is upbeat and positive, simple but profound. We are all called.

Life isn't always easy, but the God that calls us will keep us and empower us to live fully. We may not be called to lead a global church as Houston does, but we are called to make an impact on the world around us with the gifts that God has given us. Did you know that your life has a unique roadmap, a purpose all its own, distinct and matchless to any other individual on planet earth?

We are all born with God-given potential to leave our own imprint on the world around us. When Brian Houston — Global Founder and Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church — set out to pioneer with 40 people and a school hall, he was unsure of the highs and lows, sacrifices and disappointments that would mark the year journey of miraculous opportunities and dreams come true.

Live, Love, Lead is his story, woven in to the greatest story ever told, with room for chapters all your own to be written and re-written. This book is a declaration to your future, a reminder that belief, passion and calling can give way to a full and abundant life, despite any mysteries, setbacks or mountains that get in the way. It will change the way you see limitations as you reimagine the future God has planned for you. Now you have access to his heart and wisdom that will help sharpen your leadership and deepen your love for Christ.

No one goes it alone. We value our experiences and relationships with other people above everything else. Your legacy comes down to becoming rich in all your relationships.

Live Love Lead: Your Best Is Yet to Come!

Stuck in your career? Wishing you could find passionate love in your life? Want to be a top producer in your field? Having trouble building business relationships and networking? Want to improve your leadership, social, communication, and emotional skills? Desire to create more meaningful connections with people in your life?

Do you want to have more influence and persuasion?You are already expert in many fields and methods, whether you realize it or not.

Step into the great unknown

Signup with facebook or via form: Start now. This is because it is incredible how God finds glory in the worst circumstances, as long as we trust in Him and put Him first. Feb 05, Joseph Rwabose rated it really liked it.

Start a free trial and gain access to the knowledge of the biggest non-fiction bestsellers. They know that we have to keep our faith in Jesus, not in other people, or material goods, or even in the church. The Bible is undeniably clear:. Perhaps you accept that people want to forgive you for what you have done to them.